Real People and their Real Life Adventures in Small Town USA

JUKEBOX CALIFORNIA is a Rock 'n Roll Paradise found within every person... young or old, who has ever dared to dream.

JUKEBOX CALIFORNIA is a 21st Century Modern Musical Comedy profile of Small Town U.S.A.

JUKEBOX CALIFORNIA the Motion Picture, was filmed entirely on location in the Inland Empire, in that MYSTICAL stretch of land, East-of-Hollywood and West of Palm Springs.

JUKEBOX CALIFORNIA has a magical selection of Hip Hop - Bluegrass - Roots Rock - Folk Rock - and Underworld Pop that comprises its unique unexpected soundtrack.  

JUKEBOX CALIFORNIA has comedy content in the tradition of “Napoleon Dynamite” and “Spinal Tap.” This FUTURE Art House/Crossover Classic has the Emotional Arc of “Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill” - and its NARRATIVE  combines the best elements of “It’s a Wonderful Life” meets “Magical Mystery Tour.”

JUKEBOX CALIFORNIA covers such American Obsessions as Baseball - Golf - and Tattoo Shops.  This unusual film has animal actors that include Turtles - Pug Dogs - Horses - Chihuahuas - and Supernatural House Cats.

JUKEBOX CALIFORNIA boasts personas that range in ages from a Grammar School Guitar Hero to Senior Citizen Dreamers.

JUKEBOX CALIFORNIA introduces such characters as Little Weasel - The Yucaipa Kid - and The Father of the Bar-B-Que Fiddle.  Such topics as Water Rights and Big City Citizen Relocation are addressed and/or discussed.

JUKEBOX CALIFORNIA will warm your heart and change your life -

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JUKEBOX CALIFORNIA is the First Cinema Surprise of the 21st Century!

JUKEBOX CALIFORNIA a film by Kim Fowley and Roy Swedeen with a Cast of Thousands...

Among the Cast of Thousands in JUKEBOX CALIFORNIA

Kim Fowley:  Supporting actor in “Mayor of the Sunset Strip,” “Edgeplay,” “End of the Century” (Special Features), and the Concert Film “Little Steven's Underground Garage; The Movie.”  Kim has appeared eight separate times on MTV2 on two separate times on MTV since August 2004.  In 2005 Kim was seen on BBC (UK) in a featured spot on “Secret Map of Hollywood.”  Kim was filmed for a June 2005 Broadcast Date by ARTE Network (France/Germany).  The JUKEBOX CALIFORNIA Trailer will also be included for broadcast on this USA Music documentary, which also features Bo Diddley and Dick Dale - Patrick Brayer and Ari.


Don Calfa:   Legendary Character Actor, past films include "Weekend at Bernies," "Dr. Doolittle," "Bugsy," "Chopper Chicks in Zombie Town," "New York, New York."


Carlos Radiates:  Film debut of 20 year old Latin Lover/Comedy Genius. His Radio Friendly singing voice will dazzle you.


John York: Former member of the Byrds and touring band member in the Mamas and Papas and Sir Douglas Quintet.  Self Defense Practitioner and Spiritualist.


Patrick Brayer: Composer of recorded material by Alison Krauss and Reba McEntire.  Storyteller and Father of the Bar-B-Que Fiddle.


Eddie Cunningham: Songwriter - Humorist - Singer whose vocals can be heard on Mountain Dew and L.A. Dodgers Sound Commercials and “Touched by an Angel.”


Ari: Nine year old Roots Rock singer - Composer - Guitarist... Futurist.


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