Real People and their Real Life Adventures in Small Town USA

Musical and Animal Actors plus Backyard Comedy = JUKEBOX CALIFORNIA

An unknown Lost World inside America is revealed in a Musical Comedy Documentary about the joy and happiness of Small Town U.S.A. life.

JUKEBOX CALIFORNIA - is the first cinema surprise of the 21st Century! This motion picture will warm your heart and change your life.

JUKEBOX CALIFORNIA - A film by Kim Fowley and Roy Swedeen with a Cast of Thousands including musical and animal actors such as Horses, Turtles– Chihuahuas and Rock ‘n Roll Supernatural House Cats.

JUKEBOX CALIFORNIA - unique and unexpected soundtrack comprised of such diverse elements as Hip hop – Bluegrass – Roots and Folk Rock – and the introduction of the Father of the Bar-B-Que Fiddle and the Youngest Superstar of the 21st century!.

“… Rock and Roll is another word for freedom”


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