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Aaron Reflex just dropped the music video for his hit single “On” and the internet is going crazy! Fresh and hot off the success of his currently tending album “On” Flex dropped the music video to his single “On”. The song was trending on Twitter, being shared a lot on Instagram, and other social media platforms. Aaron Reflex is one of the best up and coming independent music artist coming out of New York. He has been making content for years and continues to get better with time.  He has amassed a following of hundreds of thousands on his social media accounts. 

Flex has accumulated over a million streams since he started releasing music on all streaming platforms. Although Aaron has been making music since he was younger he released his first song to streaming services in 2020. He has songs on soundcloud with thousands of plays dates before 2020. He use to remix a lot of songs when he was younger but stopped because his accounts would sometimes get flagged for using beats owned by big label. Not wanting to loose his accounts, Aaron started making his own songs more and for better and engineering and producing beats. Aaron has been reportedly reached out to by independent and major record labels but chose to stay independent after not coming to a deal. Aaron Reflex is one the hardest working independent music artist and he has a bright future ahead of him. The young artist also has an associates degree, and bachelors degree. He want the youth to know that it’s okay to focus on school.








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