Dubai Habibi

Award-Winning Filmmaker Mio Hu All Set to Shoot New Film ‘Dubai Habibi’

‘Dubai Habibi’ is planned to shoot in UAE and is sure to be a hit.

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Jukebox California is proud to announce a profoundly exciting script ‘Dubai Habibi’ is completed, which was written by the highly accomplished filmmaker Mio Hu and Jessica Ji who is with an Iraqi background. Inspired by the experience of Mio Hu’s traveling in UAE, the film is about the multi-cultural society in UAE and how different people from all various backgrounds of life interact with each other. This film is sure to be a hit among audiences everywhere!

‘Dubai Habibi’ is planned to shoot in UAE and is sure to be a hit. It will feature an incredible cast made up of talented actors from all over the world. The film will also feature some amazing locations that showcase the beauty of UAE’s multi-cultural society, demonstrating the great lengths to capture the essence of this unique culture.

We are sure that all audiences will be able to appreciate the beauty of ‘Dubai Habibi’ and the message it sends out. We invite you to join us for this amazing journey into Dubai’s multi-cultural society.

This is a film that will surely have everyone talking and is sure to make a huge impact on the film industry. It’s clear that Mio Hu is an incredible artist who knows how to capture the essence of UAE’s culture and society through her work. Stay tuned on this incredible film!

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