Fracture Lines

Fracture Lines’ riveting new single ‘Escape’

Fracture Lines are a Hard Rock Band from Montreal QC Canada.

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Today, Jukebox California is featuring the scintillating band Fracture Lines. Recently, we were granted a special sneak peek (or shall we say, sneak listen!) into their latest single titled “Escape.” With its riveting progression and sublime intro, the single completely captivated us. The melodic tonations are splendid, evoking a vibrancy unlike anything we’ve heard before! Fracture Lines’ exploration of the musical realm is mind-boggling, yet their structured progression, though conventional, brings forth tonal experiments rarely seen in the music business. The guitars pack a powerful punch, adding buoyancy to the overall sound paradigm that the band has crafted in this single. The rhythms strike a perfect balance and furnish transitions that are supple, with varied tonality. Add to that the raw and intoxicating vocals that keep our hearts in motion! The intense auditory panorama sprinkled throughout their song would be greatly appreciated by Progressive Rock Fans!

Embarking on this distinct journey, fans and music lovers alike will certainly be enthralled by Fracture Lines’ latest offering. While the creative experimentation may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the band seems to add their signature sound and splashes prevalent arrangements to bring forth a unique experience for all.

About the artist: Fracture Lines are a Hard Rock Band from Montreal QC Canada, Julian Myers – (Vocalist & guitar) Jorge Olivares -(Guitar) Brandon Watt – (Bass) Brian Wilcox – (Drums). The commonality of this musical brotherhood was a desire to create nonconforming raw authentic music, giving Fracture Lines a uniqueness. 

Jukebox California highly recommends their new single “Escape”, now streaming on Spotify and included in our official Spotify playlist!

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