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Featured: Loving The Sun’s scintillating new EP ‘Walk My Way’

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Jukebox California is excited to feature the remarkable band Loving The Sun today. We recently had the privilege of getting an exclusive sneak listen to their new EP, Walk My Way. The first single – the title track captivated us with its stunning intro and vibrant arrangement. The charm of the single lies in its rich tonality and the seamless blend of diverse genres it explores. Notably, its dynamic melody and the expansive tonal realm stand out as its primary attributes. Their second single, “My Sunshine,” presents a mellow vibe with subdued vocals, complemented by mesmerizing piano and guitar sounds that enthrall, ensuring a marvelous cohesiveness. The vocals, powerful enough to linger long after the music stops, and the lasting fragrance of their music, underscore the creative mastery Loving The Sun wields and showcases through their tunes.

Jukebox California highly recommends this EP, now streaming on Spotify, with “Walk My Way” also featured on our official playlist.

About the band: The four musicians from Münster present their own compositions in the styles of country, blues and pop rock. Their music is characterized by the melodic guitar sounds of bandleader Joe Weninghoff and the expressive singing of the band’s singer “Neo N Void“. The current single “Waves of Sorrow” has already achieved impressive success. It achieved its highest ranking, an impressive twelfth place in the German iTunes charts. The band is now presenting the new EP for the first time with the songs “Sunshine” and “Walk your Way”.

For more details visit: lovingthesun.de | deezer.page | facebook.com/neaproduction

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