Featured: DoubleORambo’s latest single ‘King Of The Ville’

With a scintillating intro and lavish tonality, the single showcases DoubleORambo's artistry.

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Today, Jukebox California is featuring the well-known Danville artist DoubleORambo. Known for his incredible music, we have a special update about his latest offering. Yes, the artist is set to release his new album titled “King Of The Ville,” and we got a sneak peek at the title track.

With a sparkling intro and rich sound, the single showcases DoubleORambo’s artistry. The arrangement is conventional with unique structures overlayed, creating a distinct vibe that becomes more mysterious with his delivery. His flow is powerful and captures the listener’s mind. Add to that his tonal quality, which has a rawness that evokes a wonderful spectral sound, and you get a piece that is truly his own. In this domain he freely explores and expresses his style. The rhythms blend seamlessly with the melodic parts, creating a compelling experience for fans and music lovers alike. His inspiration for the “King Of the Ville” album stems from experiencing immense trauma and envy due to his lifestyle. While creating the album, he aimed to infuse it with energetic vibes while making a powerful statement. His goal was to keep the album concise, featuring only eight songs, to ensure the listener remains engaged with the significance of his message.

This single has an official video streaming on YouTube. But do keep an eye on his official social media for updates about the album.

Official Instagram: DoubleORambo

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