What is Ketu Graha according to ancient Indian scriptures?

Details about Ketu Graha - The Lunar Node.

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Ketu Graha Devta represents a lot of spiritual aspects such as self-realization, knowledge, mokshasannyasa, a wavering nature, restlessness, monks, yogis, astrology and the endocrine system.

Ketu Graha Devta also represents thinness, seriousness, detachment, observation skills, intuition, flash of knowledge, serpents, dogs, pilgrimage, non-materialistic attitude, renunciation and dispassion.

Ketu Graha Devta helps and guides one to achieve and realize deeper spiritual truths. Ketu Graha Devta also represents Reiki healing and living life in a detached manner.

When it comes to Ketu Graha Devta it is always shown in a negative perspective by many Indian Astrologers. Whereas in reality it is the opposite to what people perceive. To know the highest truth about reality of existence, purpose behind the creation of this cosmos and ability to live as a free soul in this world one needs help and blessings of Ketu Graha Devta! If one can bear the difficulties, suffering and be non-attached to the events, people in front then Ketu Graha Devta surely provides his blessings and bestows the truth to the native (concerned person, individual, i.e. you).

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