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Excerpt from American Book of the Dead by E.J. Gold.

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Readings can be performed by anyone, however, certain institutes offer professional reader’s training. This training will cover everything from proper reading techniques to how to maintain contact with the being of the voyager.

The Clear Light Reading

“Now I am experiencing the Clear Light of objective reality. Nothing is happening, nothing ever has happened or ever will happen. My present sense of self, the voyager, is in reality the void itself, having no qualities or characteristics. I remember myself as the voyager, whose deepest nature is the Clear Light itself; I am one; there is no other. I am the voidness of the void, the eternal unborn, the uncreated, neither real nor unreal. All that I have been conscious of is my own play of consciousness, a dance of light, the swirling patterns of light in infinite extension, endless endlessness, the Absolute beyond change, existence, reality. I, the voyager, am inseparable from the Clear Light; I cannot be born, die, exist, or change. I know now that this is my true nature.”

–From American Book of the Dead by E.J. Gold.

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